Claire Kirkham

Born in West Sussex and moved to London at the age of 23. After a decade, relocated to Salisbury in 2014. Had a baby boy in 2016. Owner of a British Bulldog (who is basically a living and breathing teddy bear). Hobbiest illustrator of children's wall art. Owner of Graphic Design business Freaky by Design

Why Wedding Photography?

I studied art and film photography at college but not knowing what I wanted to do with my qualification I went into office work. I enjoyed the career path I was making for myself, as a Personal Assistant but 15 years later I felt that photography was the thing for me - I love taking photos and documenting milestones to be reminisced over in years to come or, best of all, having a piece framed and put on the wall. Photographs are so personal and the thought that people would cherish my work was exciting, as well as the opportunity to be freely creative.


In 2011 I retrained in digital photography, taught myself basic Photoshop, registered my company name and handed in my notice. 

It was exciting to be chosen time and time again to photograph a couple's wedding day and my venue portfolio is something I am proud of - from Hampton Court Palace to Tower Bridge - but unfortunately when I moved from London to Salisbury it meant building a reputation again as a local photographer on top of this I was already working 7 days a week just to keep on top of my business: consistent social media posts, regular blog posts,  updating my portfolio, managing current clients, advertising and exhibiting for new clients, reaching out to potential clients, bookkeeping, invoicing and chasing payments, as well as the all important networking.

In 2015 I closed my business but loved the experience that has given me life skills, business acumen and built my character (as well as some great shots to look back on and countless wedding reception parties!)

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